The C Word: How Soon Is Too Soon?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

At work today, a customer commented on how refreshing it was for a shop to be playing non-Christmas music. Bah Humbug? Maybe, but, as you’ve probably heard countless times this week – ‘it’s not even December yet.’

mice pies

Sure enough, the last couple of weeks have seen the transformation of Halloween’s black and orange into the red and green of the festive season; there have been switch ons, Christmas adverts-a-plenty, and in York – we even have carollers! Oh AND the Christmas TV listings were released today.

It’s exactly one month until the big day. Is it still too soon to be getting into the festive spirit? As far as the adverts go, I was distinctly underwhelmed by John Lewis’ Monty (much to some people’s disappointment) and I remain fairly ambivalent about Sainsbury’s trench warfare (the worst thing that can happen for WWI is for it to be made beautiful.) Nonetheless, it makes sense that they’d rear their heads as soon as Halloween was over, but there are some festivities that I say are a no-no before December:


  • Buying Christmas trees – They have been growing all their lives for this, at least let them have their final few weeks to live pre-Christmas life to the full!
  • Singing Christmas Carols – Just don’t. There are 25 whole days for Ding-Dong Merrily on High.
  • Christmas Jumpers – Considering the amount of times they are relevant in December, why overdo it in any other month? Silly.


Aaaand the things that are fine RIGHT NOW:

  • Watching Love Actually – obviously.
  • Christmas Scents – Smelling Christmas is definitely less offensive than seeing it or hearing it. However, I feel a line needs to be drawn at ‘Winter Spice’ toilet cleaner…
  • Mulled Wine – never too soon.
  • Festive foods – Gregg’s festive bake. Say no more.


What are your thoughts?